Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dominique's first blog card

Hi Everybody!!! I know it has been a long time since I last posted. I have been working on cards today and Opa and Oma are also babysitting. This morning I was working on a birthday card and I used the Foxglove image from Karen Lockhart. This afternoon Maddy and Dominique asked if they could color the image. I let them even use my Copic's under close observation. They both did well, after Oma told them that they had to color gentle. They both made beautiful cards but Maddy didn't like hers so she hid the card. Dominique remembered how I colored the frame around the image and did it on her card too. I think it really looks very nice. She wanted to add a ribbon and chose the color. I hope you all like it. She'll be so surprised when she sees herself on the computer.....


  1. Awwwhhhh, how sweet is that!! Dominique, I love your card. Good job!!! Lots of hugs, Christina

  2. Great job Dominique! It looks like your turning into Oma's little protege. Thanks mom for showings the girls the beauty of art and family. Your the so creative and genuine. I love you. Monique

  3. Oh this is so pretty!! She did a wonderful job on it! Pretty colors!!