Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh no, I had changed a setting because I thought it would create the little box where people could pick the language of their choosing. Well that is not what it did. I started typing and it was in Hindi. I didn't even know that I could write Hindi......hehehe. Well, I have a lot to learn.

I promise this will be my last posting for today. I know I have gone crazy. You are correct Sharon, I am catching up... lol.

I made this card for my sister Christiane last year, but did not sent it until last week. Tonight she emailed me and told me that she had received it. Another image colored with Prisma pencils and Gamsol.

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Pride and Joy

Here are our beautiful girls. This is my favorite Christmas picture, when Dominique was 2 and Madison was 1. It was not fun that day. They did not want to cooperate and the photographer only got one picture. We were really lucky that it turned out this well. How things have changed in just a few years. These pictures I took last weekend. The weather was beautiful. I think it was 65 degrees. Dominique is wearing one of her dress up outfits and Madison is wearing the Dirndl that Edith and Christiane had sent from Germany when Dominique was a baby. And another picture later in the day doing some serious artwork with Oma.

Christiane, Christine, Christina

First there is my little sis Christiane. Then there is my best friend from school Christine, then came my dear friend Christine from Chemnitz and now my wonderful friend Christina. Besides these four great ladies I know a few more.

Now to my friend Christine in Chemnitz. We met on line doing genealogy. Her great grandfather comes from the area close to where my Mom's family is from. She has been a very dear, dear friend and she is so giving. She does so much for me. She and her husband Gert have been to the Czech Republic several times now and always have suprised me with the most beautiful pictures of the villages where Mom is from. If it wasn't for her I would not know how Litschnitz, Zierde and all the other villages look like. I can't forget to mention the care packages she sends. The Marshall Plan is working in revers. Thanks so much Christine, for all you do for me.

This card I made for Christine because among other things she sends me "real" coffee and real Dresdner Stollen.
This post is about one of my newest friends. Her name is Christina. I met her on Magnolia-licious and she is just the most wonderful and giving person. She doesn't yet have a blog but I hope that since I did it, she will follow. Christina makes beautiful cards using the Magnolia stamps. Besides that, I told you she is giving...... she provides me with the most beautiful stamped images and bling. For christmas she sent a biiiig tin full of homemade cookies. Yummmmyyyy !!!!
Here's to you Christina !!!!!!!

Here are a few more Christmas cards. One went to Lee, hi Lee, I haven't heard from you today. I think the blue one I gave to Claudia. Claudia makes fun of the Magnolia's. She thinks they should have a mouth and nose. Well, hopefully soon I will post a card with "your" colors.


This cute cat I colored for Christiane, Vivian and my wonderful friend Christine in Chemnitz

Birthday Card

Last year my sister Christiane received this birthday card. She loves kitties. I colored the image with Prisma Pencils and Gamsol.

My First Magnolia Card

This is the first card I ever made using a Magnolia stamp and the first time I used Copic Markers. I am not good at taking pictures. I sent it to my sister Edith for her birthday last year.

I did it

I don't know what has come over me but I finally made the big jump. I don't know how often I will post but at least now I have a spot for my cards. I hope you all will like it.

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