Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christiane, Christine, Christina

First there is my little sis Christiane. Then there is my best friend from school Christine, then came my dear friend Christine from Chemnitz and now my wonderful friend Christina. Besides these four great ladies I know a few more.

Now to my friend Christine in Chemnitz. We met on line doing genealogy. Her great grandfather comes from the area close to where my Mom's family is from. She has been a very dear, dear friend and she is so giving. She does so much for me. She and her husband Gert have been to the Czech Republic several times now and always have suprised me with the most beautiful pictures of the villages where Mom is from. If it wasn't for her I would not know how Litschnitz, Zierde and all the other villages look like. I can't forget to mention the care packages she sends. The Marshall Plan is working in revers. Thanks so much Christine, for all you do for me.

This card I made for Christine because among other things she sends me "real" coffee and real Dresdner Stollen.


  1. friends are the best! I'm sure she loved this beautiful card!

  2. I love your coloring on all of your cards! This is too cute. See you at Magnolia yahoo group!
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